COLO-161S-B Fast Color Change Powder Coating Gun with Most Advanced Technology
COLO-161S-B Fast Color Change Powder Coating Gun with Most Advanced Technology
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Description of New Manual Powder Coating Gun with most advanced technology:

Digital valve intelligent powder coating system. For constant use of bigger powder quantities, CLl-161s manual powder coating units come in two versions. the vibrating table is ideal for quickly numerous colour changes. the fluidizing hopper is suitable for large single color production or coatings that do not require vibration

box feed powder coating gun

CL-161S Powder Coating Gun Features:

1:New advanced design, offers accurate powder output controlled by digital valve

2:Superior performance, easy to penetrate complex parts and corners.

3:Optimum coating results, allows users create and store 20 different application programs.

4:Digital air folw technology, better atomization

5:Using ant-static powder hose and advanced injector, powder feeding is more stable and uniform

Powder Coating Gun Components

  • Manual Gun manual powder coating gun
  • Control Unit powder gun controller
  • Back of Control Unit powder gun controlle
Electrical data
Power Range 220V/110V
Frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Temperature range in use -10 ℃+50 ℃
Powder Gun
Gun Weight 500G
Rated output voltage 24VDC
Input Voltage - 200kv
Maximum output current 180Ua(max
Maximum output voltage 0-100KV (adjustable)
Maximum powder injection 600g/min
Polarity negative (-)
Pneumatic Data
Maximum input-air pressure 10kg/cm
Optimum input-air pressure 6kg/cm
Minimum input-air pressure 4kg/cm
Maximum oil vapor content of compressed air 1.4g/N m3
Maximum compressed-air consumption 13.2 m3/h

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manual powder coating gun
Part Number Description
1 gun body
2 cascade,negative plarity
3 Print holder - complete
4 End plate with hook
5 Grip end plate - complete
6 Trigger - complete
7 Trigger cover
8 Countersunk-head screw - M4x6 mm
10 gun cable 6m-complete
11 Rinsing air connection
12 Powder tube - complete
13 Compression spring
14 Clip ring
15.1 o-ring
15 Hose connection Ø 11-12 mm - complete
16 nut
15 Hose connection
15.2 O-ring
16 O-ring
17 Countersunk head screw
18 PT-screw
19 Threaded sleeve
20 Flat jet nozzle
20.1 Electrode holder
20.2 Flat jet nozzle

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